Competition Rules Overview


WAMSB One World Judging System & Contest Manual

This system is designed to performance rate all forms, styles and types of Marching Show Bands or Corps at championships, contests, competitions and festivals worldwide. The system is designed to be universally and consistently able to score ensembles in relation to a fixed proficiency scale. “Universally recognized skill sets”, as they are utilized by each performing ensemble determines how the ensemble is to be rated on the fixed scale of proficiency.


Drum Corps Europe

The DCE judging system adjudicates the performance of a corps or band. This is done on three different levels of the performance (each level has musical and visual captions): FIELD performance (evaluates the individual or small segment of a corps). ENSEMBLE (evaluates larger segments and the whole corps). EFFECT (evaluates the musical and visual performance as a whole).

This system is a means to encourage and reward new standards of creativity, artistry and excellence in design (Content) and performance (Achievement) while providing a vehicle that will educate beginners in such a way that they will grow to understand and evolve to the greatest level of their potential.

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DCI SoundSport

The Celtic Band Festival has two SoundSport events throughout the festival. An exhibition event will take place on Saturday evening where judges and the audience will give live feedback with a competitive element. On Sunday, bands will have the opportunity to perform in a more competitive setting.

SoundSport is designed to provide unique performance opportunities for instrumental music ensembles of all types, in a dynamic environment. The goal is to assist in the creation of – and provide performance opportunities to – local, low cost and entertaining instrumental ensembles which provide a great experience for both the participants and the audience alike! SoundSport teams can hail from colleges, high schools, middle schools and can also be independent groups, alumni drum corps, small marching bands, pep bands, corporate-based groups, neighborhood and rec center teams or whatever you can dream up! Teams can also be subsets of larger organizations or bands, some of which may choose to create multiple teams, each with a unique style, personality and repertoire.


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One World Concert Band Judging System

Bands are asked to perform a 15 minute varied own choice programme. The programme should be appropriate to the instrumentation and standard of the band.

Bands are rated based on their performance under the following categories; Programme Suitability, Entertainment Potential, Intonation, Tone, Balance & Bland, Dynamics, Phrasing, Articulation, Rhythm & Tempo, Feel & Style, Technical & artistic Facility.